Sunday, December 2, 2007

‘Seek refuge against five traits…’

The blessed Companion, Abdullah Ibn Umar reports that the Holy Prophet (SAW) once gave a sermon in which he said:

O Emigrants, I seek refuge of Allah Almighty against five traits of character lest they should grow into you: firstly, against immodesty, for when immodesty prevails in a people they are hit by plagues, epidemics and ever-new diseases not even heard of by their elders; and secondly, against cheating in weights and measure, for when this disease grips a people, they are hit by famine, price-hikes, rigorous labour and over-work and oppressive rulers; and thirdly, against non-payment of Zakah, for when people do not pay Zakah, rains are stopped; and fourthly, against the religious apathy of people, for when a community breaks its covenant with Allah and His Messenger, then Allah Almighty makes alien enemies sit over them who snatch away what belongs to them without any justification; and fifthly, against the apathy of ruling authority, for when the rulers of a people fail to decide matters in accordance with the Book of Allah because the injunctions revealed by Allah Almighty do not suit their fancies, then Allah Almighty causes mutual hatred and disputation to descend upon them.

(Ibn Majah, al-Bayhaqi and others and al-Hakim has called it ‘sahih’ according to the standard set by Muslim)


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