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Breaking of nine swords by Hazrat Khalid bin Waleed

Hazrat Khalid Bin Waleed was awarded the title of sword of Allah by the prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) at the end of Battle/ Ghazwah, of Motah. Motah town was lacated at the southern end of the Red Sea near Jordon. The battle was fought on 8th of Hijra in the month of Jamadiul Awwal. It was Ghazwah because the Prophet (PBUH) was alive and was in Madina. It was called battle since the Prophet (PBUH) was not present with the army. The Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) came to know that a large army of Romans (Shamis) had started moving towards Madina Munawwara. A force of three thousand could be managed to block the way hundred thousand well equipped with armed, therefore the Prophet (PBUH) nominated thee commanders for the combat. The first was Hazrat Jaafar Tayyar, Prophet's cousin and younger brother of Hazrat Ali (RA). If Jaffer Tayyar was martyred then, Hazrtat Zaid Bin Haris would take the flag and in case of his martyrdom Hazrat Abdullah Bin Rawaha would be the cammander of the force. In the event of his martyrdom, the force would decide for the flag bearer through consensus. The Muslims swiftly advanced and overtook Romans close to the locality of Motah and the fighting started. Hazrat Jaffer Bin Tayyar took the flag and launched the assault against the enemy and killed a number of them… His right hand was cutoff and he took the flag in the left hand. Little after his left hand was chopped of by the sword of an enemy and he held the flag in his teeth and did not budge an inch but the sword of an enemy cut off his body into two and he was martyred. At this moment the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) informed the Suhabah (Companions) in Mdina that Jaffer Bin Tayyar was flying to the paradise with his cut off hands making them wings. In the pitched battle Zaid Bin Haris and Abdullah Bin Rawaha too fell martyred while fighting bravely the huge army of the enemy. Then through one opinion the Muslims gave the flag to Hazrat Kalid Bin Waleed who had the experience of war strategy. Hazrat Khalid had embranced Islam right after Ghazwa of Uhud and it was for the first time the commander to lead the Muslim army. Khalid Bin Waleed was the off spring of Banu Makhdoom tribe which had the illustrious tradition of expertise over warfare and valiant deeds. Hazrat Umar, the second Caliph of Islam was also form the same tribe.

Hazrat Khalid started fighting the enemy for some time when the night approached and according to the tradition of war those days, the armies separated from each other and proceeded to their camps to continue the battle the next morning. At night Hazrati Khalid Bin Waleed studied the war plan and came to the conclusion that it would be the foremost objective to fight a defensive war and save the small force to the maximum extent. He directed the 1500 soldiers on the rear to come to the fore front and the fighters on the front to move back in a far and wide area and move towards the battle field while raising full throated slogans of Allah-0-Akber. By evolving the strategy Khalid Bin Waleed started fighting the enemy next morning twisting on a side back back inch by inch for a defensive war. The enemy thought that there were fresh forces on the fore front and innumerable forces of Muslims were backing them and moving towards the battle field. The enemy further was unnerved that the commander was twisting on one side to encircle their army. This was the height of the psychological warefare that such a huge number of force came under pressure by the methodology adopted by Khalid Bin Waleed. The day long fighting continued and nine swords were broken at the hand of Hazrat Khalid. Then he was empty handed and an enemy was just throwing a spear towards Khalid when a Muslim solidier threw his sword swiftly towards him. The tenth sword proved decisive and the Romans started fleeing away. By that time half of the horse of Hazrat Khalid Bin Waleed was drowned in the blood. Hazrat Khalid forbade his force to chase the enemy least they should turn back and assess their real strength. Then they would eliminate the succeeded to save the remaining army of Muslims God given wisdom for warfare. The historians are of the opinion that the battle remained undecided, but it was a miracle that adopting a right strategy Hazrat Khalid managed to force the enemy flee away save his small army from elimination.

When the Muslim army returned to Madina, the prophet Mohammad (PBUH) awarded the title of sword of Allah (Saifullah) to Hazrat Khalid Bin Waleed for fighting the first and most difficult battle of his life with such a small force.

By all standards of the war Hazrat Khalid Bin Waleed stands as the best Commander of history for all times. During his very first battle, he worked a miracle by the grace of Allah to drive away the huge army by leading a very small force of Muslims where very strong Commanders of the caliber of Jaffer Bin Tayyar, Zaid Bin Haris and Abdullah Bin Rawaha had fallen martyred valiantly facing the heavy odds in the battle. In the later history Khalid Bin Waleed trampled the mighty Bazantinian (Roman) Empire. He is the sole commander who did not face a single defeat in his life time. Hazrat Khalid Bin Waleed, at a number of times, launched solo attack on the enemy armies that he should be martyred. But since he was sword of Allah, therefore this sword could not be broken. Many times he was injured but appeared victorious. He was such a legend that the enemy forces dreaded him so much that wherever his presence was known to them in any Muslim army they flew away. A number of traps were laid for Khalid Bin Waleed under the guise of negotiations to take his life, but he had such an acumen and vision that he fore saw that this is a trap and he in advance devised the strategy to frustrate the enemy designs. Even with a small number of force accompanying him during the negotiation, he returned safe and sound, killing a large number of enemy forces.


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